About Us

Turkeygram is not just a company for introducing Istanbul. It is also engaged in different activities such as buying and selling property, annual, monthly and daily property rentals, obtaining residence permit, company registration, hotel registration across Turkey, Turkish tour, Istanbul tour, ticket reservation for concerts, holding Turkish language classes, and renting yacht and cruise ship in Istanbul. 

We have done our best to offer a comprehensive package to our customers to help them save their time and money while travelling to Turkey.

A new law in Turkey has attracted investors’ attention for starting a business, buying property and applying for permanent residency (Turkish passport). Our team is proud to announce its readiness to help people across the world by having the necessary permits and benefiting from expert consultants. Turkeygram holds formal contracts with construction companies and is ready to offer you help and support as soon as possible.

For free advice and consultation, you can contact us via our phone number in Turkey or via Telegram and WhatsApp.

Earning your satisfaction and trust is of utmost importance for us.

Our technical and legal staff will always be by your side from the very first step (choosing and buying the property) to final steps (Residency permit, school registration for your children, buying and designing home furniture).

Telegram: @turkeygramsupport

WhatsApp: 00905346576988

Email: info@turkeygram.ir

Phone number: 00905346576988