Bayezid Mosque



This mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul and in Fatih district. This mosque was commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II in 1501 and it was ready to use in 1506. The architecture is inspired by the Ayasofya mosque. It has a central dome and several smaller domes and two minarets and its facade is made of granite and marble.

Sultan Bayezid passed away in 1512. He is buried in the yard of this mosque next to his family members.

This mosque is near the Grand Market or the Grand Bazaar.

The museum is open for visitors from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

How to get to Bayezid Mosque from Taksim?

Take the M2 route of Taksim Subway and after 3 stops, get off on Vezneciler station.