Beylerbeyi Palace



Beylerbeyi Palace is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, in Uskudur district and by the Bosphorus. Beylerbeyi Palace was commissioned by Sultan Abdülaziz in the 19th century. It is one of Ottoman luxurious palaces for royal parties and meetings. Beylerbeyi consists of a palace and a number of houses. The main palace looks its most attractive from the Bosphorus.

Sarkis Balyan was the architect of this beautiful palace and has designed it in the Roman Empire style. The main palace is in two floors consisting of 26 rooms, 6 halls and 3 entrances.

How to get to Beylerbeyi Palace from Taksim square?

You can take the 129T bus from Bostanc station and after 5 stops, get off on Köprusüitler station. After a 1 kilometer walk, you will get to this beautiful palace.