Istanbul Aquarium (Akvaryum)



The Istanbul Aquarium is located in the European side of Istanbul, near the Atatürk International Airport, in Florya district. The aquarium was opened in 2011 and is the largest themed aquarium in the world. It's not just limited to the aquarium; it's where you can see marine and non-marine habitats from around the world. The Istanbul Aquarium has two floors and is about 22,000 square meters. The volume of water in this complex is 7,000 cubic meters and accommodates 17,000 different species of animals. Istanbul Aquarium is one of the places you can visit in 4 seasons of the year with no restrictions.

When visiting this aquarium you should take the following routes: Black Sea, Istanbul Strait, Marmara Sea, Red Sea, Dardanelles Strait, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Gibraltar Strait, Western Atlantic Ocean and Eastern Atlantic Ocean ( Liberty Ship), Panama Canal, Pacific Ocean, Mid-Atlantic Ocean, Nautilus Submarine, and Amazon Rainforest. The attraction here is that, when it rains in the Amazon, it also rains in the forest and its climate is precise and live. We will not go into the details of each section, because the attraction of the aquarium is that you get to experience it closely.

Features of Istanbul Aquarium

You can dive and swim with the fish. You can feed the fish. You can use a helicopter simulator or entertain yourself with the mirror maze. Ataturk International Airport is five minutes away from the aquarium. This aquarium has a restaurant and a café where you can relax for a while. The aquarium is adjacent to the Acqua Florya Luxury Shopping Center, close to the beautiful beach of Florya.

Istanbul Aquarium Ticket

For adults: 85 lira

2- 12 year-olds:  55 lira

It is free for children under two years old.

How to get to Istanbul Aquarium?

You can take the free transportation provided for this Aquarium. You can take them in Sultan Ahmed and Taksim districts to get to the aquarium.

You can take the subway and bus to get to the aquarium. To do so, you can take M2 route from Taksim subway station and get off at Yenikapı Station after 4 stops. Take the Marmaray Kazlıçeşme tram and get off at the station with the same name. You can then take the BN3 bus route and get off at Florya Aquarium station. You can then take a 7-minute walk to get to the aquarium.