Rahmi M. Koc Museum



This special and beautiful museum is located on the European side of Istanbul, in Beyuglu district and near Golden horn shore. You might not be very interested in the idea of visiting a museum when you are in a foreign country, but this museum is different from what you already expect from a museum! It was founded by Rahmi Koc (a wealthy businessman and a collector of mechanical and industrial objects) in 1994.

You should at least dedicate 4 hours of your time for visiting this museum. You can buy tickets for different sections of this museum right at the entrance. You can buy them for a reasonable price. The main part of the museum which takes hours to visit includes old cars, small and big boats, and other objects that tell a story of industrial and mechanical development.

Three other parts of the museum are recommended for you: A half an hour cruise on the Golden Hill Shore with the old and nostalgic steam furry, a 10-minute ride with the old locomotive and a visit to the old submarine and how to live in it.

The entrance fee for this museum is totally fair. The entrance ticket costs 15 Lira but visiting the submarine and the furry needs an 8-lira ticket. The ticket price is totally reasonable compared to other museums.

How to get to Rahmi M. Koc Museum from Taxim Square?

Get to Taxim bus station and get on 36T or 54HT bus route. After 13 stops, get off the bus on KIRMIZI MINARE station. You can then get to the museum after a 2-minute walk.