Pierre Loti Hill



This beautiful hill is located in the European side of Istanbul and in Eyup district. With a perfect view of Golden horn, this hill has a magnificent landscape. This hill is named after Pierre Loti who was the French author of famous novel ''Aziyade''. It is said that he wrote his novel in Rabia Kadin café with a view of the Golden horn shore.

A large number of tourists from across the world visit this hill, so we recommend that you visit this hill during weekdays to avoid congestion.

There are two ways to get to the top of this hill. You can use the Telecabin for a reasonable price and you can use your Istanbul card to pay for it. The second way which is recommended for getting down the hill is the stairway which has a view to an ancient graveyard.

There are restaurants and cafes on top of this hill which has a marvelous view of the
Golden Horn Shore and we recommend that you drink a cup of tea there.

How to get to Pierre Loti Hill from Taxim Square?

It’s not difficult to get to this hill. Get to the Taxim bus station and get on the 55T bus route. After 13 stops, get off the bus on HZ.HALIT BULVARI station. You can get to this beautiful hill after an 8-minute walk from the station.