Ataturk Arboretum



Ataturk Arboretum is located in the European part of Istanbul, in Sariyer district and on the south east side of the Belgrad forest.  This botanical garden is home to various species of trees and plants and a visit to it is recommended in four seasons. A small and beautiful lake, great vegetation, the sound of birds, hiking trails, floating ducks and swans, and even the squirrels are all what makes this garden worth a visit.

Visiting this garden is recommended for hiking, relaxing, getting to know rare trees and plants, photography and boat riding. This garden is not a good place for picnic as it is not allowed to set a camp in it. Instead, you can choose Belgrad forest for a picnic which is in fact very close to Ataturk garden.

There is free parking space for this garden but the entrance fee is as follows:

On weekdays: 5.2 Lira for students and 5.7 Lira for non-students.

On weekends: 5.7 Lira for students and 20 Lira for non-students.

How to get to this beautiful garden from Taxim Square?

Get to Taxim subway station and get on M2 train. After 5 stops, get off the train on 4.LEVENT station. After a 1-minute walk you’ll get to 4.LEVENT bus station. Get on 59RK bus route and after 15 stops, get off on the ORMAN FAK station and after a 13 minute walk, you get to the entrance of this beautiful garden.