Balat Neighborhood



Balat is a neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul, which is located in Fatih district and is one of the most beautiful old Istanbul neighborhoods known for its colorful houses. In ancient times the area was inhabited by Greeks and Jews. This area clearly reflects the ancient culture of the Turkish people and has narrow streets and alleys, but with attractive colors. People in this neighborhood still hang their clothes on the long strips that are drawn between the houses and their kids, like the old times, play football in the streets. The neighborhood has a variety of junk shops and cafes and small local restaurants, each with their own stories and memories. In addition to the beautiful houses, cafes and alleys, there is Bulgarian St. Stephen Church dating back to the 19th century. It was originally built by the Bulgarians with wood, but after a few years it was built by the Austrians with iron and brought from Austria. Another place that might come to your attention in Balat is the Greek Orthodox College dating back to 500 years ago. The whole building is in red, which creates the best view of the neighborhood. We recommend this area to anyone who loves photography because you can capture the most beautiful and colorful photos of Istanbul in this neighborhood.

How to get to Balat from Taksim?

The closest subway station to Balat is M2 Station.

The closest tram station to Balat is MARMARAY Station.

The closest bus stations to Balat are 36, CE44, B48, 55E and T99 stations.